The ovaries, uterus and breasts are the part of the female anatomy with more energy potential of the whole organism; this is where the essential life seed is found.
The ovarian breathing technique, gathers different sequences that help us contact this energy and learn to use it towards our own healing and be able to share it with other women.

It is a process of awareness, consciousness, cleansing and energy purification.
Our first stage of breathing seeks contact with our inner voice to register where we find ourselves in the present time and space; once the contact is made with this energy, we enter a second facet, of distribution and alchemical healing, this process allows us to maintain the energy flow in our fluid and free body, and so not only prevent and treat diseases but also to live a fuller and more fertile life, and when we say fertile we refer to a broader sense of the word.

The most part of the technique is intended to guide woman towards becoming aware of her infinite strength, as the woman is the creative source of the universe, she is the great creator uterus, where everything that is planted flowers. And that life enlightenment energy comes from the ovum that is produced in the ovaries.

The ability to create and generate life comes from the fire that vibrates and lights in us from our sexual centers and grows and spreads through the other centers to raise awareness and the awakening of the inner self.

When a woman grants her power, or grants her creative energy (sexual), and allows penetration indiscriminately, not only by various men but by the environment, her  different bodies are filled by a dense energetic layer that consumes her vital energy and disconnects her from her personal power, which is by nature the power of creation and the force of love.

The purpose of this technique is to restore the contact with our personal power which immediately activates the healer and interior master, who are the ones we should truly count on to achieve this life´s transit aligned with our mission. 

During the practice, both in consultation and with the breathing groups, we aim to lead the practitioner to align the mind, the emotions and the body and through the contact with each one help to unlock the other, returning the unity and leading the person to the integration of its parts.

Many of the blockages that we encounter in our bodies are given by beliefs, introjections, our race, creed and place where we live, as each culture has a different conception of sexual energy and the meaning of being a female. This denotes widely our attitude towards this energy which is why part of this process is oriented towards the emotional and mental cleansing, and the separation of self and the surrounding, through Gestalt psychology and linguistic pattern techniques.

During the Ovarian Breathing practice, female alchemy, you learn different tantric and taoist techniques to be able to alchemize and renovate mental, emotional and physical layers that distance us from our being.
The Ovarian Breathing techniques, female alchemy, provide us personal working tools to be able to remove the different paradigms of the mind, so you can modify the emotions and heal the temple.
It is a planetary urgency that women heal their uterus, align with their femininity; integrate their masculinity and give a new meaning to sexuality.
This is a call to all women to recover and live their feminine potential that lies dormant beneath layers of our minds, emotions and disharmonies of our bodies.


Objectives of the Technique


-  Retrieve the connection with the wisdom of our bodies, emotions and intuition.
 - Develop personal resources that support the healing process of the practitioner.
  - Releasing physical, mental and emotional blockages and open to creative sexual energy   that lives in each of us.
- Give new meaning to our body, sensuality, sexuality and fertility.

 - Improve our personal knowledge through close contact with myself.
  - Develop better self-esteem, emotional balance and confidence.

-  Act upon specific diseases such as cancer, menstrual problems, fertility or other female organic disharmonies.


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